Yin Yang Wyvern (Ice)

Yin Yang Wyvern (Ice)

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Hiya everyone!! I cant find any Ice Wyvern paints, so I decided to make my own. I was going to do Snow Wraith but then I found out I couldn’t pain one side of my Wyvern!!!! I used a dark colored black/grey/purple Wyvern for a canvas, so I could get the Yin in there. The yin side is more purple than black for me, but just use a dark color. Hope you guys enjoyed this, be sure to check out my other works like Snow Leopard Thylacoleo and Mystic Tattoo. Also, quick question, when I’m flying over the grassland on a mountain, would that area be big enough for a titanosaur? Just my curiosity lol. Tell me in the comments.

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