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Older Versions

This warpaint applies only to the shell and will not affect warpaint or coloration anywhere else. This paint is also applied to a completely black dino, so the black dye may look a little duller on brighter dinos.

Since everyone’s making pokemon paints, I decided to make a pokeball! I’m not entirely happy with this one just because of the fact I can’t map the edges of the shell correctly without it spotting around in a few places, but I’m glad it turned out at least somewhat nice! I originally wanted to have the partition of the pokeball be the edge of the shell itself, but that proved to glitchy for me to want to deal with it lol. Maybe someone else can try 😀 And I know, I know, there’s two circles, but having it on just one side looked weird :v

png attached so you guys can make masterballs and stuff! Make me proud ;n;

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