Blue Fire Flame

Blue Fire Flame

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Here is the blue flame version of Fire Flame Argent

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    5 responses to “Blue Fire Flame”

    1. Anthony says:

      What is this joke? It didn’t do anything to my argent, only a couple of light blue stains.
      The screenshot is incorrect.

    2. Joshua Ruegge says:

      Love it! Could you pls do a green flame version?

    3. Zemark2000 says:

      this is great mate

    4. liefsette says:

      the fire flame is perfect, looks very well, the blue version didnt look good at all, what anthony said. It left a couple stains but thats about it.

      maybe uploaded the wrong file?

    5. Striped says:

      Havent tested it but try the red flame and do the blue flame over it. Might work then for you.

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