Leonopteryx (Avatar)

Leonopteryx (Avatar)

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Just a design I made for a friend 🙂 The Leonopteryx from Avatar.

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    1. Barkuhn says:

      Very nice skin! Could you make another avatar skin for the Pteranodon?
      I would love to have an Ikran (Mountain Banshee) skin.

    2. Sean32505 says:

      Love it but dose it matter what kind of color of dino it is ?

    3. Killmore says:

      I keep putting the template in the spot shown on the guide page but it does not sohw when I am trying to paint the Quetz

    4. SuperSkye says:

      Sorry for the lack of responses everyone! I honestly haven’t checked on this in a while. If anyone has any sorts of requests on anything let me know here!

    5. Gamesty says:

      Hello can you work on a Ho Ho from Pokemon skin for the Quetzalcoatl if so much appreciated

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