Thug Life

Thug Life

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Hand painted flag, T-Rex surfing on a Megalodon! Perfect for your raft. =)

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    6 responses to “Thug Life”

    1. schmutzlord says:

      i dont know why but it always says 0% purple missing. even tho i have over 100 purple dye’s

    2. mrsrobo says:

      I can never get this one to work, it always says I am missing purple dye even is I have 600

    3. anonymus says:

      Doesn’t work, always says missing 0% of purple

    4. Thomas says:

      You need to fix this please
      (0% purple)

    5. Dani says:

      You need to fix that 0% of purple I can’t do the painting because of that

    6. Mr Nobody says:

      Pls fix the 0% dye bug

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