Tyrannosaurus Rex Leopard

Tyrannosaurus Rex Leopard

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And as the campfire sent its sparks into the dark night sky, the younglings listened with big eyes and ears to the tales the elder offered today. He was the last, surviving of his generation, and he spoke about a tyrannosaurus rex that had the fur of a leopard. Not even the younglings believed him, but as a tale it was great. Only he, the old survivor, deep below his thousand wrinkles, knew that it was true. He once saw a rex with a leopard’s fur, only for seconds, then that beast had passed him. But he never forgot. And while he told his story, he once more felt young, remembered how he ran over rocks and deep into the jungle, hunting slow and fast animals, together with all the others he loved and that were gone since long times. He knew, soon he too would feel tired, and the big night would come and take him and reunite him with all the others so that they could hunt again, between the stars in the night sky. And no one would tell again the story of the tyrannosaurus rex with the fur of a leopard…

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