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Runic Tattoo [Female]

Runic Tattoo [Female]

Older Versions

Author: Eyetm
Paintname: Runic Tattoo

Runic tattoo thingy

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    3 responses to “Runic Tattoo [Female]”

    1. Shabu says:

      Really cool screenshots, its a shame this is just an anime girl tramp stamp in game, same on every site i’ve seen this on, so either a bunch of people really don’t check the stuff they upload, or the author is a troll.

    2. Nope says:

      Incorrect file, result not as pictured. Please update.

    3. DroneVandalism says:

      I would love to get this to work! I have a default female and the runes will not show up at all. Are these sized for the smallest female scale?

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