Storage Labels

Storage Labels

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Made these simple black and white canvas labels for better sorting.
28 Different canvases Ammo,Weapons,tools,Wood,Stone etc.
If you want to see more leave a comment and ill keep adding to collection.

Make sure you have plenty of black paint

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    7 responses to “Storage Labels”

    1. -El- says:

      Great job! But some are missing: Obsidian, Angler Gel, Gunpowder, Rare Flowers & Mushrooms, Berries, Food, Raw Meat, Prime Meat, Eggs, Kibble, Seeds, Polymer, Electronics, Dyes.

      If you could add them you would do our server a huge favor!

      Thanks in advance and looking forward to seeing the rest soon :)



    2. Nesscafe says:

      Ok yep no problem ill work on them tonight.


    3. Xenoit says:

      Still no new upload Ness! Pretty please add the rest for us?? <3 And Fertilizer would rock now that it can be mass produced.

    4. Taryn says:

      These are great, but I would like to see in addition to what -EL- said are, Weapon Attachments(for all those scopes), Arrows(I like to keep ammo and arrows separate, and Structures(for those extra walls, pipes, gates, ect). These really are fantastic! I use them all the time. Thanks a bunch.

    5. -El- says:

      knock knock 😉

    6. Nesscafe says:

      Sorry for the really late reply i took a break from ark. Ive updated the Storage Labels with scorched earth Items. Enjoy


    7. Blackavar79 says:

      What Font type was this? Trying to find the same font in order to make some custom labels.

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