Deadpool Mural

Deadpool Mural

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3×4 canvas template for deadpool image

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    1. Cheri says:

      I saved the file into the correct spot, but it’s not in PNG format, which ARK needs. I think it was saved as a zip file. Not sure how to proceed, but I placed all the canvas on the wall, and hit with paintbrush, but no option popped up for this file. I’ve made flags, billboards before but everything was in PNG format so it was easy. What am I missing or doing wrong? I love the paintings, but at the moment I have blank ones all over my wall. I must be missing a step in this process.

      • Cheri says:

        I meant to say PNG file, and I figured out the issue. I had a zipped file, but if you clicked on that file it brought up the individual files for each canvas. It would be handy to know what colors were used so I have the correct paint ready, but I love the paintings.


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