Kibble Recipes – Canvas (post rework)

Kibble Recipes – Canvas (post rework)

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Basic to extraordinary kibble recipes. If Basic kibble doesn’t show up, ill post a separate link connected to the steam discussion I made in Ark general discussions, type [KLP], if a type of kibble wont show, let me know, I might have to make separate page for each, and remind me of any mistakes.

I hope this was helpful, and please leave any suggestions in the discussion

– launch ark and paint anything, and then upload you painting so it creates a file for you, then
– download Files to-
– (Where you downloaded stem, i.e. C drive G Drive, whatever ,then it might say program files (x86)) SteamsteamappscommonARKShooterGameSavedMyPaintings
and save there
then open the game, paint something, then there should be a download button next to where you can upload paintings, and download it to the canvas

If that doesn’t work then copy the files into a folder then in your internet browser go to

click browse, then in the drop down menu click “Canvas” then click “send”
and then click “Generate Preview” and click download and download it to MyPaintings as stated above, launch ark, and download the painting, make sure you have enough paint, and you are set.

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