Lymantria Tiger

Lymantria Tiger


Cheap Phentermine Online A tiger texture for your lymantria, making an already highly dangerous beast even more fearsome! As dye in the Ark game is often kinda translucent, it is good if the animal has already a brown or yellow color scheme. Feel free to make minor alterations after you applied this texture.

I am better with graphics than with having enough dye ingame (always lack of resources). That is why you don*t see any real screenshot here, yet. Be the first and send me your screenshots, I will feature the first and then the best ones!

Your feedback is needed.
Send the screenshots of the tiger-textured animal to: “jamaica_sven”, I am with

Order Phentermine Hydrochloride If you need a special texture for your animal, simply let me know. I can create the texture for 1 symbolic US$ (Paypal, same e-mail address).

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